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A family tradition begun in 1905 lives on.  Frank Leslie Fenton founded Fenton Art Glass in 1905 as a decorating company.  He began producing handmade glass in Williamstown, West Virginia in 1907.  An artistic and creative man, F. L. Fenton strove to develop new and unusual colors and treatments to keep Fenton in the forefront of the handmade glass industry.  

Fenton is still sought after today.  Each year they bring out new and exciting designs as well as many limited edition, signed pieces.

For information on any piece here, or questions on other Fenton glass, please phone or email.

Cranberry Vase           Mary Gregory
Fuchsia Vase, Drapery 6"   $49. Cranberry Mary Gregory vase.



Fuchsia  vase, Drapery  7"   

Hand painted, signed cranberry basket
with pansies. $105. SOLD
Hand painted, signed cranberry
vase with pansies  $145.SOLD

Cranberry hobnail pitcher.  Approx
 5 1/2"        $75.
5 pc.   Miniature  Button Arches
 Water Set.  Pitcher is 4 1/2", glasses
are 2 1/4" .     $125.  set

Green basket        Cranberry vase
Green opalescent ribbed basket  8 1/2"     $98   Cranberry Reverse Mellon Vase
8" tall     $55.



fush.jpg (47171 bytes)                    FENCRN.JPG (62764 bytes)
Fuchsia Basket, Drapery
8" tall.      $75.
Cranberry vase w/ruffled top.


FENCRN1.JPG (66396 bytes)                    FENCRN2.JPG (62469 bytes)
Cranberry vase w/flower design
5 1/2" tall   $39.50
Cranberry vase, flute and dot,
5 1/2"   $37.50


FENPIT.JPG (67912 bytes)                   FENSM.JPG (65937 bytes)
Cranberry Daisy jug,   6"
Small basket.  $19.00

Egg Cup         Green rabbit
Rabbit Egg Holder  3 1/2"  $25 Green mini-rabbit    $12.00

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