Silver and Glass


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Victorian 5 bottle cruet set
Resilvered, matched bottles

Silverplate stand (resilvered)


Silverplate footed compote and
candy dish. Compote  $85,
candy $45
Silverplate butter dish.  Engraved
on top 1887   Resilvered    $169.


3 pc. silverplate carving set.  Knife, meat
fork, sharpener.  Sheffield, England $169
Silverplate flower frog. 8" tall,
7" wide  Marked Ancestral, Rogers
Bros.  #00256  $89


Silverplate covered butter.  Great
original condition.     $139

Sterling silver inkwell w/pen holder.
British made (not antique)  SOLD

Victorian 5 bottle castor set.  Have been
resilvered.  SOLD
        Ruby  pitcher and 5 glasses.  Pitcher is
8" tall, glasses 4".  Chip on rim of pitcher
has been repaired.  $159.


Ruby tumble up         Ruby tumble up
Ruby "tumble up" water set.
8" tall    $49.
   Same Ruby "tumble up" water set.


Berrry bowl set          Berry bowl marking
Bavarian berry bowl set.  1 large bow, 5 small.
  Back stamp of berry bowl set.



Coffee set         Back marking
Bavarian coffee set.  23 pieces    $225.   Back stamp of coffee set.



Pickle castor   Dresser set
Repro pickle castor w/Fenton insert.
11" tall   $159.
  4 piece dresser set.  2 bottles, 1 puff box.  Glass w/silver
overlay.    $375.



Candy dish       
Blue stretch glass bon bon dish.  6" tall
Possibly Fenton Celeste blue  (Fenton #363, 1921).
  Pink pitcher and 6 glasses.  Pitcher is 8" tall and
glasses are 3 1/2".  There are 5 glasses that match
the pitcher and 1 additional one that is close.
Possibly Anchor Hock Fortune pattern.  $149.



Berry bowl set             Back marking
7 piece German berry bowl set.
1 large, 6 small bowls.   $195.
  Back stamp of berry bowl set.



Ruby castor set              candleholders
Repro ruby castor set.   5 bottles in
frame.  16" tall     $289.
  Pair of glass candleholders.  5 1/2" tall   $69/pair


Inkwell              Sterling napkin rings
Porcelain & sterling inkwell and
pen from Britain.    Not antique     $239.
  Set of 6 sterling napkin rings from Britain.  Not antique.


Match safe    
Sterling silver match safes from Britain.  Not antique.
$125 each


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